November 24, 2020

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.” -Robert Tew.

how to make money blogging Starting a blog and actually earning income from a blog, is two totally different things.

Starting a blog and actually earning income from a blog, is two totally different things. While running ads is one form of earning income from your blog, there are countless methods you could be utilizing to your advantage.

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Though writing about your daily routine is okay, that sorta of content within your blog, won’t generate alot of passive income. Nor the traffic you need to apply for bigger advertising organizations requiring tons of monthly visitors to earn a bigger pie.

Thus picking a content niche that helps people will bring lots of visitors, like “Cooking recipes, How-Tos, resources or services”.

Start up

Starting a blog is easier then you think. All you need to do is pick a good website name that’s relevant to your content, and a good website host.

After you picked the necessary available name, (because theres tons of already claimed website names, be original as can be but short & catchy) chose a web host, created some content, and your website is now live for viewing. You can start venturing off into the world of online money making.

Generating Income

How to make money blogging (Simple).


you’ll want to start by applying for ad networks like adsense, infolinks, bidvertiser. Try going for all three and generating more income from other networks. Also make sure to stay in compliance with their terms of service, with your content and allowing other ads to be shown.

Also dont have annoying pop up ads on the entirety of your blog. No one likes those. Keep it simple.

– Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn alot of income from brand & product endorsements. This is called affiliate marketing, through driving sales from your website, to mentioning or recommending a product or service. You can earn commissions from the sale leads. Dont forget to sign up for a few or an affiliate network like commission junction or rakuten advertising.

– DropShipping/ Selling Merch

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Selling your merchandise (clothes,products, etc) on your site, is also another form of inquiring income though it’s not as passive as setting ads on your website or stocks. Only because you’ll be fulfilling orders & restocking.

Paid Memebership/ Fan Club

Paid memberships/Fan clubs is for articles, videos, posts for paying subscribers of your blog. This method allows you to set a certain amount monthly, for exclusive content to be paid for within your website.

Services/ Virtual products

Selling services & virtual products on your website is a great form of income. You can set your own price for everything you list that. Services could include “coaching/mentorship, tech support, consulting”.

Virtual products include webinars, selling stock photos, graphic art, etc.

With this quick guide, I hope I helped some of you guys get on the track. Or at the very least pointed you in the right direction.

Blog building and website building doesnt have to be hard. There are tons of drag & drop systems out there for you to use. You don’t need to hire a website designer, or went to college for coding & computer technology. Although knowing these wont hurt.

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