November 26, 2020

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how to make money from your mobile device

This is post Focuses on various ways of making currency from your mobile online device, that I have used Daily myself and seen results personally or have witnessed firsthand.

Lets be honest, In this day in age technology is kyng.  Everyone seems to be Hardwired  good.  Digital devices have grown exponentially over the past two decades.

Nokia 5110 release: 1998

With everything going online and electronically, Smart devices Mobility and Alexa AI in your living room (smart homes), to automated self driven Vehicles. We have advanced quite a bit, so more and more ways are becoming accessible to generating currency online.

Anyone remember that Disney movie smart house ?

Kinda creepy the technological age we’re starting to advance into. What was once fiction is now reality.

Virtual reality, robots, space travel, these are all real things you can invest  into and gain some capital.

You’ll want to have an up to date phone or device capable of doing certain tasks, running an emulator, surfing the web, downloading and playing apps.

Speaking on apps that generate cash, below are a few I use, and others friends have used, that make them a Little side money.

Money Making Apps


One app that comes to mind that generates a reasonable amount of cash in a short time is ZYNN depending on if you have tons of friends, fans or know you way with referrals.

Zynn is a short-form video App where you discover and create your content. At Zynn, spark your creativity and fully express yourself !

Like tik-tok this app focuses on short video content , but rewards you for viewing that same content.

Also the referral program, is lovely and a great way to generate some serious cash. And theres no limits of how many people you refer to the app.

Here’s how it works!

If you choose to download the app, maybe consider using the links provided and use my referral code!

We both get a bonus! Plus everything goes to improving the website.

Download The App Here

Referral code – SJMH9XW

Cash App

I like Cash App. It’s one of those apps you like because it’s an secure open source platform that allows you to do anything from mobile banking, buy bitcoin, invest in stock, and much more.

Invite friends both earn $5

Now cash app isn’t really a rewards earning app, it’s more for banking on the go. Its key features are sending and receiving money. But they have since updated the app allowing users to buy bitcoin, investing in stocks as little as $1, day trading, and more.

A glimpse at the Other features

CashApp is a great way of earning some income with the right steps taken. I suggest inviting friends to the app for that sweet $5 bonus for both parties, and use the app to transfer funds to the mobile bank from the rewards app, invest in stock or bitcoin and watch your money grow.

My actual Cashapp portfolio & Earnings

You can download the app here using our link


Another great online rewards program that I use personally when I want to generate some extra funds and have seen great results over the years is Swagbucks is the web’s most popular rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. Earn points called swagbucks (SB) when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals.

Below is a few of my lifetime earnings within the site. I’ve held three other accounts in the past equaling to the same amount earned below, and referred countless people looking to earn an extra dollar or two.

Actual earnings

If you would like to check the rewards website out, the links provided are referral links that will help the site. So I appreciate it. You’ll get a $3 Bonus for using the link after earning 300 SB within the website.

Sign up link


Well Steady is more of a Gig work app , that allows users to find work in various places based on skills and geographics. But they also have other features.


a certain section within the app called income boosters allows users to complete various tasks within the app to complete to earn a some side cash.

Web page view

Work, Earn & Build your income with Steady. Steady can help you find your next remote, part-time, or gig Job.

Steady is a new app for people looking to supplement their income with a variety of part-time, one-time or temporary jobs. … By using the app, users can learn where there are gaps in their income and help find even more work to fill in those gaps and increase their monthly income.

Income boosters
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