November 24, 2020

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.” -Robert Tew.

How to make money Live Streaming. Live streaming can be a really  Lucrative job, bringing in some serious cash from various elements
 Live streaming
Anyone can stream.

Live streaming can be a really  Lucrative job, bringing in some serious cash from various elements.

I suggest not doing it because of the money, Or it will just be another job that you do each day, that you’ll either love or hate. Now if your open minded, or really want to engage in the profession. Then this article is for you.

Depending on the method of streaming, you have a various of options to choose from.

• Face streaming, game streaming, and podcasting.

– Face streaming is just that, streaming your face, body, etc solely interacting with the audience via talkshow, drawing, webcam, etc but remaining the main thing in view while doing so. Just like a live TV show.

– Game Streaming is allowing viewers to watching you play various video games, to certain platforms that allows it, youtube, Facebook, etc. You can stream your face along side the game or not. But a face cam is recommended to better interact with the viewers.

– Podcasting is when you stream a live video of purely an object, project (without you) or audio for viewers to watch.

• Theres mobile streaming. Which consists of downloading an app to your phone and just going live. You can stream video games or your face.

• Desktop streaming, which consists of you going live from your home computer or laptop with various software programs and equipment.

How to make money streaming?

You’ll want to find a streaming platform that allows the creator (You) to monetize their videos, and live streams. Such platforms are twitch, YouTube, mixer, Facebook, dailymotion, pornhub.

Those are just to name a few that come in high regards, based on video monetization. Of course you’ll have to sign up for their creator programs, and meet the requirements to earn but the journey is well worth rewarding.

Next step is creating high quality & engaging  videos, then uploading to various sites. I suggest multiple platforms to increase your income.

Methods of monetization

There are various methods of earning from streaming. From fan clubs to selling merch, to recommending products.

Ad Revenue is base commission from ads running along side your videos. This is good for earning residual income after a long run, and good for those not looking for handouts or donations.

– Donations are from various fans or organizations that want to help you grow, that send you money or products out the kindness of their hearts, without repayment.

– Sponsors are companies you endorse. Meaning their brand, their name, their products and they pay you for time and efforts.

– Affiliate Marketing is sort of like sponsors but your strictly promoting products for commissions. Basically Commissions are referring sales to a certain source and you get a slice of the profit.

– selling Merch, meaning selling merchandise from your brand solely. Your own personal brand of clothing is up for sale which you gain all profit.

– fan subscriptions/ fan club are for exclusive content for paying members of your live stream community. They pay a select fee every month supporting your brand or product.

– tournaments, various live streaming platforms and the likes have monthly tournaments, you could enter to earn some cash. Or you could start one within your own branded community, collecting entry fees for your own tournaments.

These are the general rules of thumb when trying to create a living from streaming/web cam.

Below is a list of equipment that I use, and various referral links you could use to sign up to start your online presence today and purchase products that I use or personally recommend.

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