November 24, 2020

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how to make money on pornhub

So you clicked on this post & wondered, hmmm is this for real? That or your either looking for tips on increasing your capital.

Well look no further, this article has a few pointers increasing your revenue & for aspiring newcomers.

Can you really make money on PORNHUB?

In short, yes, but over time if you are just staring out with no online fan base already from other sources.

To be honest there quite a few ways to earn income from the hottest porn site on the planet.

In this article, we will be discussing the best methods on “how to make money on PORNHUB.

[Disclaimer] referral links for signing up are provided.

Why Become a Model?

Not only do you get to show the world what your capable of, you get to work for the largest porn site online. The way PORNHUB works is similar to YouTube, without the censorship. Not only does Pornhub contain a lot of adult content, it is also rated #1 in the adult pornsites.

So your thinking of becoming a star, but your hesitant. Well know that as long as you create blissful high quality content, you’ll make a name for yourself. With the help of the millions of traffic daily pornhub gets, you’ll see results in no time, you may even go VIRAL.

Become an Amateur model

Performing in front of a camera has become very popular and profitable online.

Everyone’s into it, on YouTube, twitch, Facebook, & even Pornhub. Amateur models & those who want to make a side income can turn to the world’s popular porno site & make a living creating adult content.

You can be a webcam model and make bank.

In a perfect world, you can earn up to a cool $40k a month by making videos, customs clips and selling them on the site.

How can I get started?

[Disclaimer] must be 18 years or older!

Head to & sign up for a free account. Then you must sign up to be in the Amateur model program on pornhub. Once you send you documents, pornhub staff will then verify your identity, so that you are in compliance with the law.

I suggest after becoming verified, you invest in a high quality camera. Using a built in web camera from a desktop or laptop will not suffice, buy a separate unit with high megapixel counts.

Also pick an editing software, I suggest power director or hit film express.

About the earnings, its performance based & will depend of a multitude of factors, such as views, ratings, and revenue, etc. But put in the work & you’ll be earning big.

NOTE when signing up, use a sexy & creative stage name.


Remember your username should be easy & unique to look up & quickly find.

Getting Verified

Sign up & get a free account, then take a picture of yourself holding up your username on a piece of paper. Send in two forms of identification, and the pornhub staff will notify you.

Complete your profile, upload a profile picture, & say something about yourself in the bio. Make it sassy, spicy, & witty to draw in more of the crowd.

You’ll get a blue verified badge as soon as pornhub staff review your credentials. Once your in the Amateur program you’ll find that there are several ways on how you can make money.

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself on PORNHUB is by uploading free to watch videos. This method works just like uploading videos on YouTube. You get a share of the money made with ad revenues on your videos.

How Much Money

Well, for starters, one thousand views equaled $0.69 in 2017. Today’s average would be $0.64 for every 1000 views. That’s $64 for 100,000 views for any one video.

But theres other ways to earn.

•like creating modelhub videos

•allowing users to download videos for a price

•setting up a fan club

•creating custom vids, pics & clips

•collecting tips

•selling videos for a set price

Selling adult videos is considered a passive income. As long as pornhub servers stay running, you have the potential of earning money while your offline, sleeping or working a day job.

Pornhub also has monthly prizes & cash incentives every now & again monthly. Promoting some new sex fetish or product.

Also once your an Amateur model, you can refer as many friends as you want to pornhub to become a model and get a $50 when they get verified and upload two verified videos)

Well hope you enjoyed the article, I’ll be updating this regularly with more ideas, so feel free to comment and share your opinions.

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