November 24, 2020

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.” -Robert Tew.

the easy ways to turn $100 to $1000 fast. You are Your Own Sells Man!
Quick investment Opinions

First and Foremost,  this is, in no way to be contributed as investment advise. Secondly, as equally as important, if this were an easy answer it wouldn’t  be a question at all. It would be the norm, as we all want to increase our wealth.

I mean who wouldn’t want a few extra dollars or Capitol to play around with. If the process is successful and/or proven why not reinvest the money you made back into your well thought of plan.

That way you can go on that vacation to Bermuda or Japan you always dreamed about or whatever your heart desires.

First change Your outlook

(Note) This post will be updated regularly with more ideas!

My humble suggestion would be to find an item that you know you can sell for $1000 and then try to find the best possible price for the same product for sale. Basically Buy low and sell high is the motto.

Buy Low Sell High

You can buy from auctions, seller walls on social media sites, garage sells from locals in your community, the list goes on. Buy items for low and polish em up and sell for a marketable price.

You could buy $100 worth of lottery tickets.( which isn’t a good idea). You could buy $100 worth of penny stocks. Maybe bet $100 on a fan dual or place $100 on the roulette table. ( I’d  suggest craps personally and learn dice control).There are many ways that it is possible. 

The thing is, you have entered into a world of risk, if you are looking to invest $100 to make $1000.

So the question becomes what is your actual goals.Are you looking to put 100% of your money at risk?

Your odds will be against you, but the rewards could be astronomical in comparison.

Great Risk Even Greater Reward

Are you trying to be safe, so that breaking even or a meager $1 earning is a win, too? If so, this changes your strategy completely.

Short of finding something way under valued to sell. The next safest bet would be to make something. Assuming you have the tools, what can you make with raw materials valued at less then $100, but a final product that costs greater than $1k.

You could build a table or craft similar products. You could design a logo. You could build a website. You could make t-shirts. Maybe sell shoes or drop ship products.

Note: That there is an intrinsic value in your own skill level; Your time; and the money already spent to ensure you have the proper tools.

Is there a sure fire way? No. Of course there isn’t; without some risks involved. Otherwise everyone in the world would do it, and every single minute of every day, everyone would be increasing their wealth by 100 times.

I’m short invest your money, in what you believe in! Do not forget to study statistics and ratios in what ever equation you choose to run with. Fine tune your crafts and become the best version of you.

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